Aberthol High School

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Name Aberthol High School
Type Senior High School
Location Clifton Park, New York
Colors Maroon and White
Mascot Warhawks

A fictional high school in the state of New York, this is the school from which SOTF v0's winner, Sydney Morvran hailed. This school was one of two that was placed in the first SOTF game, along with Shaker High School. Aberthol, located in Clifton Park, NY, is somewhat close to Barry Coleson High School (located in Ithaca, NY), as shown in the AU "Aftermath" roleplay on the original SOTF board. According to the SOTF storyline, Dwayne Morvran (older brother to Sydney Morvran) went on a shooting spree sometime prior to SOTF V0 before inevitably killing himself. This caused Syd to be feared and shunned by his fellow students. Other than this tragic incident, very little has been disclosed about V0.

Sometime in 2007, V0 information was released to the public, with promises of the original V0 program being released on DVD sometime in the near future. Among the V0 information released was the identities of the Grade 10 Aberthol students involved in the game. The identities of those students are as follows:

  • Harvey Nash, age 15
  • Ralph "Ralphie" Riggs, age 16
  • Alexander "Alex" Knight, age 16
  • Colton "Colt" Sevenstar, age 16
  • Martin Douglas, age 14
  • Parker Lee, age 16
  • Sydney "Syd" Morvran, age 15
  • Tyler Eastwood, age 15
  • Micah Bradshaw, age 15
  • Jonathan McDaniel, age 17
  • Anthony Elmore, age 17
  • Christopher "Chris" Staton, age 17
  • Lukas "Luke" Andrews, age 16
  • Derek Vaughan, age 16
  • Eugene Myles, age 15
  • Vanessa "Nessa" Reed, age 16
  • Jamie Carter, age 15
  • Amber Lewis, age 17
  • Natalie Summers, age 16
  • Jessica "Jess" Bright, age 15
  • Ashley Treadway, age 16
  • Cybil Ryans, age 15
  • Hannah Lockhart, age 16
  • Paige Alexander, age 16
  • Michaela King, age 15
  • Tonya Palafox, age 17
  • Kirsten Rhodes, age 16
  • Regina "Gina" Evans, age 18
  • Drucilla "Dru" Wakefield, age 16
  • Coryn Richards, age 17
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